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Sphaeristerium (Latin; from the Greek σφαιριστήριον; from σφαῖρα, ball) is a term in Classical architecture given to a large open space connected with the Roman thermae for exercise with balls after the bather had been anointed. They were also provided in Roman villas.


Sferisterio delle Cascine at Florence, 19th century

In Italian sferisterio is nowadays the courtfield for tamburello and two different pallone varieties: pallone col bracciale and pallone elastico. These are rectangular smooth grounds with a high wall on one of the long sides. Sizes change depending on the variety: 16 meters (52 ft) wide and 86 meters (282 ft) long for the pallone col bracciale, and 18 meters (59 ft) and 90 meters (300 ft) for the pallone elastico.


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