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Kampong Speu province

Coordinates: 11°30′N 104°20′E / 11.500°N 104.333°E / 11.500; 104.333
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Kampong Speu
Kampong Speu Province
A flooded field in Kampong Speu
A flooded field in Kampong Speu
Official seal of Kampong Speu
Map of Cambodia highlighting Kampong Speu
Map of Cambodia highlighting Kampong Speu
Coordinates: 11°30′N 104°20′E / 11.500°N 104.333°E / 11.500; 104.333
Country Cambodia
Provincial status1907
CapitalChbar Mon
Subdivisions1 municipality; 7 districts
 • GovernorVei Samnang (CPP)
 • National Assembly
6 / 125
 • Total7,017 km2 (2,709 sq mi)
 • Rank11th
 • TotalIncrease 877,523
 • Rank8th
 • Density125/km2 (320/sq mi)
  • Rank11th
Time zoneUTC+07:00 (ICT)
Dialing code+855
ISO 3166 codeKH-5

Kampong Speu (Khmer: កំពង់ស្ពឺ, Kâmpóng Spœ [kɑmpɔŋ spɨː]; lit.'Port of Starfruit') is a province of Cambodia. It borders the provinces of Pursat and Kampong Chhnang to the north, Kandal to the east, Takéo to the southeast, Kampot to the south and Koh Kong to the west. Its capital is the town of Chbar Mon.



Kampong Speu in Khmer means "starfruit port" or "starfruit harbor". In Khmer, kampong is a place-name element, meaning "port" or "harbor". It derives from the Austronesian language, Malay, in which it means "village". Speu in the Khmer language means "starfruit".

Administrative divisions


The province is subdivided into 7 districts and 1 municipality, further divided into 87 communes.

ISO code District Khmer Population (2019)[2]
05-01 Basedth ស្រុកបរសេដ្ឋ 136,971
05-02 Chbar Mon Municipality ក្រុងច្បារមន 50,359
05-03 Kong Pisei ស្រុកគងពិសី 145,476
05-04 Aoral ស្រុកឱរ៉ាល់ 39,544
05-05 Oudong ស្រុកឧដុង្គ 145,311
05-06 Phnom Sruoch ស្រុកភ្នំស្រួច 104,438
05-07 Samraong Tong ស្រុកសំរោងទង 182,774
05-08 Thpong ស្រុកថ្ពង 63,328



The Wing Star Shoes factory in Kampong Speu province manufactures Asics sports shoes. It collapsed in 2013.[3] Three people were killed.[4] Workers struck at the Wing Star Shoes Factory in 2014, blocking National Route 3, and demanding a $5 raise in bonuses and enforcement of labor laws.[5] In 2016 and 2018, mass faintings of workers were reported. The cause in 2016, initially attributed to a worker having been possessed by a "spirit," was later revised to "poor health and imagination."[6] 2018, police reported that after a worker had a seizure, her "scream caused a mass panic, prompting workers to run, feel dizzy and faint."[7]



Religion in Kampong Speu (2019 census)[8]

  Buddhism (99.8%)
  Islam (0.1%)
  Christianity (0.1%)
  Animism and Other religions (0%)

The state religion is Theravada Buddhism. More than 99.8% of the people in Kampong Speu are Buddhists, It's the most Buddhist province of the country. Chams have been practicing Islam for hundreds of years. A small percentage follow Christianity.



Phnom Aural


Phnom Aural is the tallest peak in Cambodia. It is 1,813 meters tall (other sources give elevations between 1,771 and 1,667 meters). It is in the eastern part of the Cardamom Mountains. To protect the biodiversity of the mountains, Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary was established. This mountain located in Aoral District, Kampong Speu province.

Phnom Aural Peak is the second peak from the left in the mountains behind



Located at the foothill of the mountain Phnom Oudong, about 40 km northwest of the modern capital Phnom Penh, Oudong was royal residence and Cambodia's capital for more than 250 years until 1866. A monumental royal necropolis of sovereigns of several centuries is scattered on top the prominent bisected mountain, which runs from the southeast to the northeast.[9][10]

Phnom Oudong

Kirirom National Park

A natural lake in Kirirom
Chambok waterfall


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