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Sweatin' to the Oldies: The Vandals Live

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Sweatin' to the Oldies: The Vandals Live
Live album by
Released1994 (re-released 1997)
Genrepunk rock, skate punk, melodic hardcore, comedy rock
LengthOriginal: 58:10, re-release: 1:06:37
LabelTriple X, Kung Fu
ProducerWarren Fitzgerald
The Vandals chronology
Fear of a Punk Planet
Sweatin' to the Oldies: The Vandals Live
Live Fast, Diarrhea

Sweatin' to the Oldies is a live album and video by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, originally released in 1994 by Triple X Records.[1] It consists of a live concert recorded at the Ice House in Fullerton, California, as well as interviews with the band members and an overview of their history. The original version was released both on CD and VHS. With most of their back catalogue out of print, the album and video were seen as a retrospective of the band's past, as performed by its most recent stable lineup.

Throughout the set the band performs all 6 songs from their 1982 debut EP Peace thru Vandalism, as well as a few songs from their first album, 1984's When in Rome Do as the Vandals, and a few from their 1990 album Fear of a Punk Planet. Notably absent from the set list are any songs from their 1989 album Slippery When Ill, which was composed primarily of country-style songs. Partway through the song "Wanna Be Manor," the band breaks into a cover of the song "Superficial Love" by T.S.O.L., another Orange County punk band who were contemporaries of the Vandals in the early- to mid-1980s.

In 1999 the album was re-released on the band's own Kung Fu Records label. This "Special Edition" re-release contained 3 bonus tracks not on the original release, which were recorded live on college radio station KUCI 88.9 at the University of California Irvine just prior to the release of their 1996 album The Quickening. The video was re-released by Kung Fu in 2002 as a double-disc DVD with additional performances, band commentary and other bonus material.

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Track listing

1."Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)"The Vandals 
2."The Legend of Pat Brown"The Vandals 
3."Join Us for Pong"Joe Escalante, Warren Fitzgerald 
4."Pizza Tran"Escalante, Fitzgerald, Dave Quackenbush, Josh Freese 
5."Master Race (In Outer Space)"The Vandals 
6."Wanna Be Manor" / "Superficial Love" ("Superficial Love" originally performed by T.S.O.L.)The Vandals / T.S.O.L. 
7."Mohawk Town"The Vandals 
8."Ladykiller"The Vandals 
9."Girls Turn 18 Every Day"Escalante, Fitzgerald, Quackenbush, Freese 
10."Hey Holmes!"Escalante, Fitzgerald, Chris Lagerborg 
11."H.B. Hotel" (contains an interpretation of "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley)The Vandals, Elvis Presley, Thomas Durden, Mae Boren Axton 
12."Pirate's Life"The Vandals 
13."Summer Lovin'" (Grease parody)Escalante, Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey 
14."Urban Struggle"The Vandals 
15."Teenage Idol" (originally performed by Ricky Nelson)Jack Lewis 
Total length:58:10
Special Edition bonus tracks, recorded live on KUCI
16."(But Then) She Spoke"Fitzgerald 
17."N.I.M.B.Y."Escalante, Fitzgerald 
18."And Now We Dance"Fitzgerald 
Total length:66:37





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