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Revo may refer to:


  • Adam Revo, a small car manufactured by Pakistani automaker Adam Motor Company
  • Evolution Revo, an American ultralight trike design
  • Toyota Revo, an MPV produced by Toyota
  • The eighth generation of Toyota Hilux pickup, known as Revo in some countries





Other uses

  • Revo (RC truck), a remote controlled truck manufactured by Traxxas
  • Revò, a comune in Italy
  • Revo Jõgisalu (1976–2011), Estonian rapper
  • Reta Vortaro, a multi-language Internet-based Esperanto dictionary
  • Revo (organisation), a non-profit professional body and membership organisation in the United Kingdom serving the retail property and placemaking industry
  • Revo (climbing), a semi-automatic belay device for sports climbing
  • Revo, a brand of heat-not-burn cigarette introduced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company as a variation of their Eclipse (cigarette) product
  • revo- was an unofficial early twenty-first-century proposal for an SI unit prefix standing for 10−33

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